200 Years of New York City Fashion Webinar Reflections

The covid-19 pandemic disrupted everyone's lives when it struck early this year. In mid-March, when NYC shut down, I was well into my second semester of graduate school at FIT.

It was extremely difficult for me to come to terms with the sudden changes to my lifestyle and plans. Now, three months later, I think we've all adapted however we can! Lots of things are still frustrating on a personal and academic level - like not being able to see my partner, or visit libraries and museums.

One upside, I've found, is that so many lectures and webinars have moved online! This has given me so many more opportunities to listen to the work of fashion and material culture historians, both at home and abroad.

I've decided to post reflections on wonderful these webinars here at my blog!

On March 23rd, 2020, not long after being shut out of the FIT campus by COVID-19, I attended a webinar called "200 Years of New York City Fashion". It was organized by New York Adventure Club, and led by fashion historians Sara Idacavage and Tessa Maffucci.

I put together the collage below based on my notes from their lecture.

How many do you recognize? What role did each have to play in developing "New York" style?

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