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Hans Holbein Renaissance Fashion

Here are my favorite Renaissance fashion details from the Hans Holbein exhibition at the Morgan Library and museum!

In this detail of a circa 1535 to 1540 portrait we see a really excellent example of very fashionable blackwork embroidery on the cuffs of the smock, as well as some really beautiful and classic renaissance rings.

The exhibition also featured multiple hat badges, because Holbein did design jewelry like this during his lifetime although no pieces actually known to be his design have survived, so they were just contemporary examples. But you can see a hat badge being worn in this Holbein portrait from 1536!

We’ve got a great example of slashing and puffing here at the sleeves of this ca. 1540s English Lady.

Also an example of how holding a pair of gloves was a very fashionable Renaissance pose

Finally, I didn’t realize I was going to see one of my favorite portraits in person, the 1527 Portrait of Lady Mary Guildford. This is the only example I’ve ever seen showing all of these chains being worn on the bodice, making it really unique from all other Tudor era portraits!


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