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"Norell: Flappers Back in Fashion," FIT Fashion History Timeline

"Vintage Glamour at the Met Gala," The Vintage Woman Magazine

"Good Mourning: Exploring Victorian Memorial Jewelry," The Vintage Woman Magazine

"Fall of the Empire: Romanticism Through Dresses," Enchanted Living Magazine

"Tell Me About It: Studs," The Vintage Woman Magazine

Garment Analysis of 1986 Dress by Patrick KellyFIT Fashion History Timeline

Garment Analysis of 1973 Dress by Stephen BurrowsFIT Fashion History Timeline

"An 18th Century Girl’s Dress," Girl Museum Blog

Garment Analysis of 1953 Wedding Dress by Ann Lowe for Jacqueline Kennedy, FIT Fashion History Timeline

"Where Cottagecore Meets Vintage," The Vintage Woman Magazine

"The History of Fashion for Getting Physical," The Vintage Woman Magazine

"Roaring & Swinging: Shared Fashionable Ideals Of Flappers And Mods," FIT Fashion History Timeline

"Vintage Loungewear Retrospective," The Vintage Woman Magazine

Garment analysis of 1840 Queen Victoria's Wedding Dress, FIT Fashion History Timeline

Garment analysis of 1898-1901 Green Silk Embroidered Tea GownFIT Fashion History Timeline

Artwork analysis of The Ditchley Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, FIT Fashion History Timeline

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