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Anne Lister's Dressing Sequence In Gentleman Jack Explained

Let's break down the historic costuming from the Gentleman Jack dressing sequence introduction! Here's a link to the video on YouTube:

First, we see a pair of gaiters, meant to shield the clothing from mud and dirt, commonly worn in more rural areas as opposed to big cities.

Then we see Anne buttoning her white linen drawers — which admittedly looks like a masculine undergarment, but were indeed unisex and worn by men, women, and children during the 1830s.

Over her shift, Anne wears a corset similar to this one, though with adjustable shoulder straps, we see her insert a carved busk into the center front, like these, meant to keep it flat and rigid.

Then there’s focus on her various accessories, including a red heart-shaped pin referencing this 1822 watercolor of Anne Lister, and of course a great menswear-inspired coat and hat in characteristic black


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