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Morgan Library & Museum Highlights

I just got back from the Morgan Library and Museum and here are some of my personal highlights!

First of all, you absolutely have to visit JP Morgan’s study, it really inspires me to one day have red damask wallpaper. And here there is a lot of European medieval and Renaissance art like this circa 1600 Venetian portrait of an unidentified sitter, likely an ambassador to the Venetian court.

Also the library is incredibly stunning, this is a place where you’ll constantly be looking up at the ceiling. And includes works like this book of prayer with really beautiful painted strap work binding from circa 1550, with the owner’s name, Katherine Broun, in the center.

Finally I was absolutely delighted by these trenchers, or dessert plates, from the household of Queen Elizabeth the first. Trenchers are really interesting because they have not only illustrations but also verses written on them, which were intended to amuse people at dinner parties and made good wedding or New Years gifts!


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