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Twiggy's Iconic Makeup Look

If you’re into 1960s fashion, then you definitely recognize Twiggy. After all, she was officially named the face of 1966! But do you know the story behind her iconic haircut and eyelashes?

According to a 1967 Seventeen magazine article, Twiggy started drawing on her lower lashes three months before she began her modeling career. The story goes that she was gifted a doll which had painted-on lashes under its eyes, and that inspired Twiggy to try it on herself. And she thought the look really suited her face.

As for her hair, Twiggy’s first real modeling job ever was actually to receive and model a short haircut by Leonard Lewis. Before she had rather long hair, and she told Cosmopolitan she actually really dreaded cutting it. But after the chop, she started receiving tons of modeling work and soon after was discovered by the fashion editor of a national newspaper. The rest is history!

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